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1570981310 - Gerry Adams: Cage Eleven: Writings from Prison
Gerry Adams (?):

Cage Eleven: Writings from Prison (?)

ISBN: 1570981310 (?) or 9781570981319, in english, Rinehart Publishers, Roberts, Used

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biographical,biographies,biographies and history,biography and history,civil rights and liberties,contemporary,ethnic and national,europe,genre fiction,historical, Cage Eleven : Writings from Prison, One of the world's best-known political figures shares stories that reveal the humanity and indomitable spirit of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events-- A collection of sometimes passionate, often humorous writings from Long Kesh PrisonGerry Adams, a Sinn Fein activist who led sit-ins. marches, and protests in Northern Ireland, was imprisoned without trial. He suffered interrogations and torture during his four years at Long Kesh Prison, most of it in the cell block 'Cage Eleven. His essays about prison life and fellow inmates were smuggled out of Long Kesh and published in the Irish Republican underground press. Cage Eleven brings those writings together in one volume.
9781570981319 - Adams: Cage Eleven: Writings From Prison
Adams (?):

Cage Eleven: Writings From Prison (?)

ISBN: 9781570981319 (?) or 1570981310, in english, Roberts Rinehart Publishers

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In Stock
From Seller/Antiquarian
9781570981319,1570981310,cage,eleven,writings,prison,adams, Excellent Marketplace listings for "Cage Eleven: Writings From Prison" by Adams starting as low as $6.21! Marketplace, Shipping to USA only!